Security cameras – do you need them?

Security cameras are irreplaceable for the protection of different types of structures, whether it’s about internal protection (for example, malls, shops, etc.) or exterior protection (different outside storages, parking lots, driveways, etc.).

Every security camera is essentially a security guard that is operational 24/7 and enables surveillance of a certain area just as when you put a person on that spot to monitor. With a system of about 20 security cameras, you can establish surveillance of a large industrial perimeter. For something that would otherwise need a team of 5-6 people, this is something that one person can easily do.

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Advantages of security cameras are most evident in shops where shoplifting occurs. With quite a simple security system, you will achieve excellent results.

In short, security cameras are needed when you want to protect yourself, your family and property from vandalism, thefts and generally deviant and socially unacceptable behavior.


Integration of security camera systems and its benefits

Security cameras can easily be integrated with other technical protection systems. For example, a security camera system combines great with an anti-breaking system or fire protection system, especially when it comes to swiftly and accurately establishing why an alarm turned on. The elimination of false alarms and the increased security and usability of connected system is another bonus of integration.

Security camera systems also “fit in” perfectly in every system of passage control and/or record of working hours because with an established security camera system you can easily prevent any manipulation with ID cards. Some of the record systems of working hours and access control directly support building in a security camera that controls ID card use.

The integration of security cameras into a system against shoplifting will ensure swift and efficient intervention when a system for item protection activates, especially when a shop is large (such as in shopping malls) and where it is necessary for staff to react quickly in a case of shoplifting. With security cameras, this intervention can be very fast because it is easy to establish the details of every case. Generally speaking, security camera system integration is a desirable solution of increased security within and outside of a protected structure.

Unlimited potential of IP surveillance systemtrendy-security-cameras-of-safety-and-security

IP security camera systems are primarily envisioned as completely modular and expandable systems and generally unlimited systems of technical protection when it comes to the number of elements (security cameras). Generally, it is irrelevant for a system if there are 4 or 40 security cameras. This is why an IP security camera system is very flexible and enables successive expanding with your business growth and with your business vision.

Different IP security system technology

Manufacturers of security cameras these days produce a wide array of IP security cameras, including:

-Fixed cameras

-Fixed Dome cameras

-PTZ cameras

-PTZ Dome cameras

-Megapixel cameras

-HDTV security cameras

-Thermal imaging cameras for day and night use, as well as for inside and outside use

IP security cameras deliver amazing advantages to their users when it comes to security and the possibility to monitor at a distance, because with their flexibility and quality they ensure the reliability and effectiveness of every security system.

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Why should you get a security camera – and which one?

The use of security cameras for the security of your home or business is becoming increasingly popular because prices are continuously going down – while on the other side, the need for personal and property security is increasing. A mere look at the visible security cameras around your home or business will turn away lots of potential predators.

These days, there are numerous different types of security cameras, which makes it easy to find security solutions for every budget, as well as for different security needs.

Different security solutions

CCTV security systems are usually designed in a way that security cameras are located in key locations in and around the secured structure. All cameras are connected in a system over a central device, and this system creates a unique surveillance system or CCTV (Close Circuit Television). Several systems can also connect in one network and, again, be under one central surveillance system. Technologically speaking, this is just one security model. All of the different models actually belong in two basic groups: classic video surveillance systems or IP video surveillance systems.

Different types of security cameras are:

  • Internal cameras

  • Exterior cameras

  • Wired cameras

  • Wireless cameras

  • Fixed cameras

  • Movable cameras

  • Fake cameras

Classic video surveillance is built with classic digital video security cameras whose basic quality is classic video output, which with the help of appropriate coaxial cables connects on devices for digital imaging (such asmultiplexer or DVR) or directly onto a video surveillance monitor. Systems of classic video surveillance are easy to apply and their simplicity and applicability can best be seen on smaller objects, where you need less security cameras for complete surveillance.

Typical systems of classic video surveillance are built around a digital multiplexer device with the usual capacity of 4, 8, 9 or 16 security cameras per one device. Some manufacturers offer multiplexer devices of larger capacities, even with inbuilt control of the video surveillance monitor matrix.

IP security camerasIP-Surveillance-Camera-1

IP security systems are based on digital security cameras that send and receive signals, and all communication is done over IP connections established between the security camera and device for signal processing. IP security cameras connect with the UPT Cat5E or similar copper cables or by fiber optic cable. As every camera has its unique IP address, possibilities to connect in the network and manipulate signals ofIP security cameras are basically limitless and independent of their physical location, which means you can connect in one system IP security cameras that are a thousand miles apart. IP security systems can use existing network infrastructure at your location, which means that installation as well as later expansion is very easy. Of course, it is good to establish separate network infrastructure for an IP security system, if possible.

An IP security system needs quality stable network infrastructure, strong, quality and stable servers for image storage, as well as modern and strong computers for system control and observing images and recorded material.

IP systems shouldn’t be confused for so-called web cameras that are basically just toys to attach on a PC. IP surveillance is serious and a powerful security system that isn’t just a cheaper version of the classic security system. On the contrary, IP surveillance can actually cost more – but is a worthy investment.


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Medium or high resolution security camera – which to choose?

Medium resolution security camera

Medium resolution security cameras are used in less demanding security systems where there is no need for many details on the recorded material or live image; these work where high resolution security cameras aren’t financially justified or where existing equipment determines what type of security cameras have to be used.

Nevertheless, medium resolution security cameras are completely professional cameras with photo-sensitive elements based on the top modern technology. The characteristics of medium resolution cameras don’t mean that this is a poor security camera, but that this camera can achieve the desired security results and satisfy the needs of a certain security system user.

Imaging from CCD medium resolution security cameras will stay clear and bright even after many years of use and because these are professional cameras, mechanical durability is also unquestionable.

When designing a security system where there are points that are not of crucial importance for object security, it is convenient to use medium resolution cameras if the needs of the customer are met through such a system. This will decrease the cost of the security system as a whole.

Conclusion on medium resolution security camerasmedium-speed-dome-cctv-camera-1226598

Medium resolution cameras are the first level of security when you start thinking of getting a security system. If you are thinking of choosing them, it is important to consider the needs of the user and carefully choose cameras that will be used on a certain location. One should consider the financial aspect of the system along with the need for perfect functioning of the security system. For more demanding security systems, it is much better to choose high resolution security cameras.

High resolution security cameras

Color security cameras with technical characteristics of over 420 HATV lines are qualified as high resolution cameras and are used in medium-demanding security systems where there is no need for an extremely high number of details on recorded or live material but there is a need for a completely sharp and dynamic picture. It is a must-have choice for larger objects, where surveillance is applied at larger distances, and where security cameras with even better performances aren’t financially justified, as well as where the existing system supports this type of camera. These surveillance cameras don’t need any special maintenance and are designed to be functional basically forever as long as you maintain them properly. Images from CCD security cameras will remain clear and bright even after many years of use, and since this is professional equipment, mechanical quality is also unquestionable.

Conclusion on high resolution security cameraspl1722854-waterproof_high_definition_hd_sdi_cameras_functional_cctv_security_camera_systems

High resolution security cameras are the second level of security systems. When choosing them over medium resolution security cameras, it is important to take into consideration the security needs and budget of the user, as well as whether you are getting security cameras for your home or for your business. It is always recommended to have in mind business possibilities and future development. In a situation where you are getting security cameras for business, it is better to invest in quality cameras that will be able to follow the business advancement and the owner’s vision.

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