Bosch DVR1B1161 Eazeo DVR For Color System

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    DVR1B1161 Eazeo DVR For Color System

    The DVR1B1161 from Bosch is a Eazeo DVR for color system with 160GB HDD. The DVR1B1161 Digital Video Recorder (DVR1B1161) brings advanced recording and playback technology to the Eazeo color observation system. The DVR allows uninterrupted recording in either continuous or time-lapse modes for as long as a week or more. There are no video tapes to change and store, and frequent, costly VCR maintenance is eliminated. Digital technology allows any desired events to be retrieved and viewed virtually instantly, with a choice of easy-to-use search methods.

    The DVR1B1161 features easy and intuitive Operation; with simple VCR-like controls and a clear on-screen menu for setup and timer functions. Specific security features include automatic pre and post-alarm record modes, alarm input and output connections, and multi-level password protection for viewing and setup functions. Meeting the need for network integration, the Eazeo DVR has TCP/IP connectivity allowing remote, web-based viewing using a standard web browser. Also provided is an RS-232 interface for remote control.

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    Specifications Value
    Model DVR1B1161
    Video Input 1 camera input (BNC), 1 Vpp, 75 ohm
    Video Output 1 video output (BNC) for main monitor, 1 Vpp,75 ohm
    Video Compression M-JPEG
    Video Display Full display for live and playback
    HDD Storage 160 GB
    Video Loss Detection Yes
    User Interface Menu-driven
    Setup By on-screen display menu
    User Input Device Front panel keypad, remote control
    Power Supply 100 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
    Operating Temp. +0C to +40C (+32F to +104F)
    Dimensions 346 x 88 x 269 mm
    Weight 5.2 kg (11.5 lb)
    Network Connection TCP/IP via Ethernet, RJ45 connector

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