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    Use the D278S Four‑wire Addressable Detector Base with smoke and heat detector heads to provide early warning fire detection for life safety and property protection systems.
    The D278S is a 12 VDC base for use in systems controlled by a D7412G or D9412G 12 VDC Control Panels with a D8125 POPEX Module. The D278S has a built‑in POPIT to provide individual addresses on the FACP data expansion circuit.
    The D278S accepts the D285/D285TH Photoelectric Smoke Detector Heads, the D286 Ionization Smoke Detector Head, and the D603, D604, and D605 Heat Detector Heads. When used with the D285 Series detector heads, the D278S indicates Chamber Check trouble to the control panel through the POPIT bus. The Chamber Check trouble indication appears on the keypads as a fire trouble.

    D278S Four‑wire Addressable Detector Base (12 VDC)

    • Low‑profile modular design

    • Addressable application

    • Data In and Data Out terminals

    • Easy head removal for cleaning and servicing

    Certifications and Approvals





    UROX: Smoke - Automatic Fire Detectors (UL268 and A), UROX7: Smoke - Automatic Fire Detectors Certified for Canada (cULus),


    7300-1615: 109 July 2008

    NYC-MEA12-92-E, Vol. X

    Installation/Configuration Notes
    Compatible Products

    The following products are compatible with the D278S Four‑wire Addressable Detector Base:

    Category Product IDProduct Description
    Control PanelsD7412GAddressable control panel
    D9412GAddressable control panel
    Detector HeadsD285Photoelectric smoke detector head
    D285THPhotoelectric smoke detector head with fixed-temperature (+135F [+57C]) heat sensor
    D286Ionization smoke detector
    D603Rate‑of‑Rise heat detector
    D604Fixed‑temperature (+135F [+57C]) heat detector
    D605Fixed‑temperature (+190F [+88C]) heat detector

    The D278S base mounts on a single‑gang switch box or on standard three‑inch and four‑inch square or octagonal back boxes. An adapter plate is packaged with the base.

    The D278S accepts any wire from 12 AWG (2.0 mm) to 24 AWG (0.3 mm). The minimum wire size depends on the number of bases used and the distance from the FACP to the furthermost base. Refer to the D278S/D298S Installation Instructions (P/N: 33353) for specific wiring requirements.

    Parts Included

    1D278S detector base
    1Adapter plate (P/N: 18851)
    1Hardware pack
    1Literature pack

    Technical Specifications

    Environmental Considerations
    Temperature (operating)+32F to +100F (0C to +38C)
    Mechanical Properties
    ColorBone white
    Dimensions (Diameter x H)6.375 in. x 0.9 in. (16.2 cm x 2.3 cm)
    Power Requirements (Auxiliary Supply)
    Current (alarm)40 mA
    Current (standby)2.5 mA
    Voltage (operating)9.6 VDC to 13.9 VDC

    Chamber Check is a registered trademark of Bosch Security Systems in the United States.

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