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    These Wheelock horns offer tone choices of either continuous horn or temporal pattern (Code 3) tone when constant voltage from the fire alarm control panel (FACP) is applied. Each tone has three field‑selectable volume levels.
    These horns can be synchronized when used with the SM (single) and DSM (dual) Synchronization Modules or a compatible control panel. If not synchronized, the temporal sound patterns might overlap and not be distinctive.

    AH‑12 Series 12 V Electronic Horns

    • Cost‑effective two‑wire design

    • Selectable continuous tone or temporal (Code 3) sound pattern synchronization

    • Three field‑selectable sound levels

    • Low average current draw

    • No Inrush Current

    • Compatible with SM and DSM Synchronization Modules

    • Color : White

    Certifications and Approvals
    Wheelock, Inc. holds these Listings and Approvals:

    America UL ULSZ: Audible Signaling Appliances (UL464)
    CSFM 7125-0785: 131
    NYC/MEA (151‑93‑E, Vol. 19; 151‑93‑E, Vol. 21), Factory Mutual Research City of Chicago Bureau of Fire Protection
    Complies with National Fire Protection Association (NFPA 72)

    Installation/Configuration Notes
    Compatible Products

    The following products are compatible with the AH-12 Series Horns:

    Category Product ID Product Description
    Control Panels Compatible with all Bosch G Series, 6000 Series, 2000 Series, DS7400Xi and DS7400XiV4, DS7080iP‑32, DS7200 Series, and DS7060 Series Control Panels1
    D70222 Conventional FACP
    Modules SM‑12/24‑R Synchronization module (red)
    DSM‑12/24‑R Dual synchronization module (red)
    RSSP‑121575W‑FR Retrofit strobe plate

    1 For synchronization, use the SM or DSM Synchronization Modules. The synchronization module must be set for 12 VDC operation.
    2 When used, the D7022 must be set for 12 VDC operation. For synchronization, use the SM or DSM Synchronization Modules. The synchronization module must be set for 12 VDC operation.

    Mounting Considerations
    Use as Combination Appliance

    Where combination appliances are required, the AH‑12‑R Horn can be used with the RSSP‑121575W‑FR (15/75 cd) Retrofit Strobe Plate that is designed to meet or exceed the latest requirements of NFPA 72, ANSI 117.0 and UL 1971. The horn and retrofit strobe plate are also compatible with the SBL2‑R Retrofit Device Back Box.

    Outdoor or Severe Environment Applications
    For an outdoor application or a severe environment (NEMA 3R) application, the AH‑12WP Weatherproof Horn in combination with a WBB‑R Weatherproof Back Box must be mounted on a flat wall such that the wall covers the entire rear surface of the back box. The back box must have its drain holes pointed toward the ground. The knockouts in the rear surface of the back box must remain intact.
    The knockout hole on top of the back box is sized for a half‑inch conduit and matching connector. A proper watertight conduit fitting must be used.

    Indoor Applications
    The AH‑12‑R and AH‑12‑W Horns are equipped with a mounting plate that mounts on the indicated back boxes for the indicated applications:

      Conduit Applications Surface Mounted Flush Mounted
    Four‑inch square  
    100‑mm European  

    The AH‑12WP Weatherproof Horn can be indoor surface‑mounted on a deep (>2.125 in. [5.4 cm]), four‑inch square back box.

    Note : Do not use these horns in coded systems in which the voltage is cycled on and off.
    The input terminals accept wires with diameters between 18 AWG (1.2 mm) and 12 AWG (2.3 mm).

    Parts Included

    Quant Component
    1 Horn
    1 Mounting Plate
    1 Hardware pack
    1 Literature pack

    Technical Specifications
    Environmental Considerations
    Relative Humidity: Up to 95%, non‑condensing
    Temperature (0perating): +32F to +120F (0C to +49C)
    Horn Ratings at 12 VDC

    Continuous Horn
    Reverberant dBA at 10 ft (3 m) per UL464 High: 91 dBA
    Medium: 88 dBA
    Low: 83 dBA
    Temporal (Code 3) Horn
    Reverberant dBA at 10 ft (3 m) per UL464 High: 87 dBA
    Medium: 84 dBA
    Low: 79 dBA

    Note The sound output for the Temporal (Code 3) mode is rated lower than in Continuous mode because the time that the horn is off is averaged into the sound output rating. When the horn produces a tone in Temporal mode, its sound pressure is the same as the Continuous mode.

    Mechanical Properties
    Dimensions (H x W x D) 4.125 in. x 4.125 in. x 1.25 in. (10.5 cm x 10.5 cm x 3.2 cm)
    Material Molded plastic enclosure
    Power Requirements
    Current (maximum) VDC High dBA: 192 mA
    Medium dBA: 108 mA
    Low dBA: 58 mA
    Current (maximum) VFWR High dBA: 186 mA
    Medium dBA: 95 mA
    Low dBA: 55 mA
    Voltage (input) 12 VDC nominal; 8 VDC or FWR to 17.5 VDC or FWR

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